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Let your dreams come true!

Color up your life and enjoy the dream-like taste of our all-natural products.
Our divine alternatives for dairy goods guarantee irresistible plant-based pleasure and support you on your way to a conscious diet. Outstanding quality, exceptional taste and a pure zest for life form the center of our product development, inviting our clients to dream.

NEW LOOK, same great taste

It all started with a simple grain: Rice! Up to this date, the Rice Drink is the most popular Dream Drink. We are now happy to share this drink with our sister brand Joya. What changes for you? Nothing! The recipe, the ingredients and of course the heavenly taste all stay the same.
Joya is the Austrian pioneer for plant-based drinks and shares a common vision with Dream: Make great tasting plant-based products! The Dream & Joya Rice Drink is just the beginning and we are looking forward to our new pack design, a wider variety of products and a whole lot of plant-based goodness!

Recipe of the Week

Mouthwatering Gingerbread Cake

DR_Gingerbread-Cake - A gingerbread cake in a baking form next to a package of Dream Oat Drink on a white table with two plates of ginger bread cake. 
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