About Us

Living the DREAM®

Get ready to dream: our groundbreaking plant-based products full of delicious ingredients ensure dream-like moments of enjoyment and support you on your way to a conscious diet. To offer irresistible plant-based pleasure, outstanding quality, exceptional taste and a pure zest for life form the center of our product development. But we won't stop dreaming: we are constantly working to establish products of vegetable origin as an alternative for dairy goods in today's nutrition.

We want all people to enjoy dream-like plant-based products in their everyday life.

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We have a DREAM®

Back in the early 1970's Robert Nissenbaum, a pioneer in the field of plant-based diets, natural foods and organic farming, layed the foundation of our innovative products. His progressive ideas and longstanding experience led to numerous divine creations, which now belong to the most successful plant-based milk alternatives.
But big dreams mostly come with great responsibility. At DREAM® we believe that each and everyone can be an important part in making our world a better place – without passing on genuine enjoyment. Our DREAM®-line is not just made to delight our customers with sensational taste, also we want to call attention to an important and necessary topic: sustainability through plant-based diet. We respect our environment and therefore focus on carefully selected resources of high quality to provide a healthy lifestyle to you and our beautiful planet.

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Choose your DREAM®

Our diverse products make your dreams come true: we started with our marvelous classic „Rice DREAM®“, which is an excellent vegan option for milk and dairy products. But our product line offers much more to present you the perfect addition to a plant-based diet. It doesn't matter if you are choosing our rice, coconut, oat, almond or cashew base – the DREAM® drinks satisfy with premium ingredients and a dreamlike taste. With our delightful cuisine products it is a simple thing to create irresistible vegan dishes.

Our brand represents not only natural plant-based pleasure and a magnificent taste adventure. We are aiming to be a constant inspiration, encourage the zest for life and show how to establish a varying and colourful diet into your daily routine.

So, what are you waiting for? Start to dream, bring some delight and colour into your life and just enjoy the heavenly taste of DREAM®.