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8 ways to reuse your coffee grounds.

We love our coffee! This wonderfully aromatic beverage is beloved all over Europe – and its popularity is even growing. But it’s a sad fact that every time you make a coffee, the used grounds usually end up in the bin. Here we spill the beans on how to reuse your coffee remains in everyday life. Check out these eight great ideas for recycling this wonder product in the comfort of your own home.

Sustainable cosmetics

Yes, it’s true ‒ you can make all kinds of beauty products from coffee grounds! A peel, a hair treatment, a refreshing eye cream... these home-made products are easy to make and very healthy. Caffeine is thought to be fantastic for battling cellulite, fighting toxins and ensuring naturally radiant hair.

A gardener’s best friend

Full of vital nutrients, coffee grounds are a wonderful cheap fertilizer for many plants. Dried grounds can either be mixed directly into the soil or sprinkled around your plants. Tip: It’s also a great addition to your compost bin!

Kaffeesatz: Das Wundermittel für den Garten

Transforming old into new

You’d never think it, but coffee grounds are great for hiding scratches on dark wood furniture. Mix with a tiny bit of water and olive oil, then apply gently with a sponge to see the results.

Household all-rounder

Coffee grounds work like scouring agents – only without the chemicals! Put the remains of your breakfast coffee to good use removing stubborn dirt from pots, pans and ovens. Add a bit of water to the grounds and apply to kitchen worktops with a sponge ‒ it works wonders. But remember: this method is not suitable for light surfaces!

Coffee dye

Great news for all DIY fans: dye your paper, your fabrics and even your Easter eggs with coffee – it’s the natural approach! If you’re after a more intense color, use a bigger quantity of coffee and choose a strong roast for a darker effect. To dye materials or give old clothes a new lease of life, mix your coffee grounds into a paste with a few spoonfuls of water, and then apply directly to the material. Hey presto! A wonderful natural shade.

Bye-bye, pests

Wasps, ants, snails or even next door’s curious cat: send them all packing with your recycled coffee grounds. Because these little beasties have one thing in common – they can’t stand the smell of coffee. Sprinkling dried coffee dregs is not only an effective non-toxic remedy, it’s also a sustainable way of keeping pests and vermin at bay.

Nachhaltige Kosmetik aus Kaffeesatz

Coffee aroma

Coffee has a wonderful ability to neutralize unpleasant odors. Whether as an air purifier for cupboards, the fridge, your car, to combat stinky shoes or get unwanted smells off your hands after cooking – a handful of coffee grounds does the trick.

Your own coffee-scented soap

Considering a home-made gift for your loved ones? How about a natural soap made with coffee grounds? All you need is water, sodium hydroxide and a vegetable oil (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or similar). The internet is awash with sites offering step-by-step guides and recipes.

So the next time you enjoy your Salted Caramel Latte, afternoon espresso or morning mocha don't throw away your coffee grounds but give them a second life!

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