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Six coffee trends that coffee-holics will love

It’s hard to think of a drink as popular as coffee. Which is only too evident when you consider the countless varieties that it comes in. Cold-brewed or flat and white: we’ll introduce you to some of the latest trends in coffee.

From cold brewing to the rainbow latte

Austria, Germany and Switzerland top the leaderboard in Europe for coffee consumption, consuming seven to eight kilos per person per year. So it’s not surprising that this beloved hotshot of a beverage has evolved to become a lifestyle product, which you can enjoy in innumerable guises. Alternative brewing methods, flavors and the issue of sustainability all influence current coffee trends.

Cold brewing

At first glance, it would appear that the “cold coffee” is one of the most unusual coffee trends. But those trying cold brew for the first time will be pleasantly surprised by its intense flavor. Its many aromas don’t come from heat or pressure, but from being brewed in cold water for up to 24 hours. The result is a particularly aromatic coffee that’s short on acidity and bitter notes. You can now get cold brew in cafés, as well as ready-to-drink options in the supermarket.

Make your own cold brew: Mix 60 g of coarsely ground Arabica coffee and 1 liter of water.Depending on the desired intensity, leave to brew in the fridge for 8 to 24 hours, and stir every once in a while. Strain and enjoy cold.

Pour-over methods

The triumphal march of the capsule machine and the quick cup of coffee at the touch of a button is slowly being caught up by a simple countertrend. Careful manual preparation with a French press, mocha pot or glass pitcher is back in vogue. Special filtering methods are experiencing a renaissance, known by the term “pour over”. You need to spend a bit more time on it, but you’ll save on waste and you can determine how much water and coffee to use and what temperature and time to do it in. Perfect for connoisseurs and anyone for whom the espresso machine isn’t their cup of tea.

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The flat white

Looks like a cappuccino, but isn’t. The Australian “little brother” of Italian white coffee could well be the next latte macchiato. A real flat white is distinguished by two features. One, it contains more coffee than the cappuccino, namely a double espresso. Two, there’s a slight difference in the milk as well. The milky foam for a flat white has to be velvety smooth and almost liquid. It’s poured swiftly into the espresso, and doesn’t form any frothy piles, instead remaining flat. Hence the name, flat white!

Tip: A vegan flat white is best enjoyed with the Almond Drink Barista. Froth up 120 ml of Almond Drink Barista and slowly pour into your coffee.

Plant milk

For a very long time it was virtually impossible to get a vegan or a lactose-free coffee at a coffee shop. The steadily growing selection of plant milk alternatives, however, presents a new problem: you’re spoiled for choice! From soya milk foam to Pumpkin Spiced Latte with oat milk, there’s a whole wealth of plant coffee creations to be enjoyed. Even people who still use cow’s milk should reach for the plant milk every once in a while. Studies show that animal protein can render the positive effects of coffee useless. )

There’s a similar cult around coffee as there is around wine. Connoisseurs and baristas sing the praises of all aspects of coffee with great passion and attention to detail. Transparency regarding its origin plays an increasingly important role among coffee lovers. Information about plantations, climate, bean harvesting and processing should guarantee quality and fair conditions. Coffee has thus gone from being a mass consumer product to a hobby and a favorite topic of conversation among enthusiasts.

Rainbow Latte art

Vibrant, fun and a little kooky: another trend doing the rounds on social media is the #rainbowlatte. Milk foam for the cappuccino and flat white is mixed with food coloring. By pouring it artistically into your cup, you can create a rich and vivid rainbow pattern, rings, hearts and leaves. This trend probably isn’t for coffee purists, but will certainly make an impression on an Insta photo!

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Which coffee trend should make it onto the list, in your opinion?