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Why you should be aware of your sugar consumption

According to statistics, people in Germany and Austria consume just over 33 kg of sugar per year. Although this trend shows signs of falling, we are still way over the WHO's recommended daily limit. Do we really need the energy that sucrose provides us? Not at all, if we follow a balanced diet and are well-informed about nutrition. In fact, quite the contrary is true: too much sugar can damage our bodies.

What does sugar do to the body?

When we consume ordinary table sugar, which consists of fructose and glucose, various processes are set in motion. Fructose ends up in the liver where it is metabolized; glucose goes straight into the blood, where it is processed with the aid of insulin. If the body is flooded with excess sugar that it cannot make use of, the liver turns it into fat and insulin levels can drop out of balance. Long-term, this can lead to various diseases or excess weight gain. Not forgetting that regularly consuming sugar massively increases your calorie intake: just 100 g of sugar contains nearly 400 calories.

I'm pretty thin; do I really need to cut back on my sugar consumption?

Yes! Absolutely. An increased sugar consumption can lead to insulin levels in the blood becoming imbalanced, even in thin people. Often, the fat forms around the inner organs rather than externally. This can lead to various diseases. Added sugar and household sugar do not supply the body with any nutrients – so wouldn't it be far better to generate energy from food that is also rich in vitamins and minerals? Fruit contains fructose, but it fills you up and provides vital vitamins and fiber to keep your body healthy.


A mindful approach to sugar consumption and healthy living

When you're feeling ravenous, it's all too easy to reach for the very sugary foods that will give you a hit of energy, but otherwise offer the body absolutely nothing in the way of nutrients. Sure, sugar gives you an energy boost ‒ just like other carbohydrates, proteins and fats. But being aware of the sugar you are feeding your body makes all the difference. Natural sugar occurs in fruit, vegetables and grains, which also supply you with important nutrients and keep you feeling fuller for longer. To counteract excess weight and all sorts of illnesses, a balanced diet is recommended in combination with an active lifestyle. Regular exercise, enough sleep and low stress levels contribute to a healthy mind and body, just as much as the right eating habits do. So the occasional calorie explosion won't derail you in your quest to live a healthier life!

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