Lavendel Macciato mit Pack - Two glasses of lavender macchiato with Dream & Joya Barista almond drink against a gray background.

Almond Lavender Macchiato

The creamy Almond Drink Barista and its taste of roasted almonds harmonises heavenly with a medium dark roasted coffee and floral lavender syrup. Definitely a must try coffee creation!



Preparation Time

5 min.

Waiting Time

0 min.


1 Servings

  • 200 ml Dream & Joya Almond Drink Barista
  • 40 ml espresso
  • 0.5 tsp lavender syrup


  1. Froth up the Dream & Joya Almond Drink Barista, pour into a tall glass and wait briefly until drink and foam have separated from each other.
  2. Meanwhile brew an espresso and mix with lavender syrup.
  3. Then pour into the glass with the foamed drink and serve.

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