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Iced Chocolate Frappé

Whether it’s summer or winter, this Iced Chocolate Frappé will make you dream of white beaches, warm sunrays and refreshing sea water.



Preparation Time

0 min.

Waiting Time

10 min.


2 Servings


Chocolate sauce

  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 80 ml Dream Almond Cuisine


  • 80 ml espresso
  • 25 g brown sugar
  • 600 ml Dream & Joya Coconut Drink Barista
  • 120 ml Dream Almond Cuisine
  • 6 piece/s large ice cubes


  1. For the chocolate sauce, place 80g of chocolate in a small pot and set the pot in a bigger pot with hot water. Melt the chocolate in the water bath and mix with the cuisine.
  2. Mix espresso, sugar, 500ml Dream & Joya Coconut Barista, ice cubes and cuisine in a blender to a frappé.
  3. Froth up the rest of the Dream & Joya Coconut Barista cold.
  4. Divide chocolate sauce between 2 glasses, add frappé and top with cold foam.
  5. Grate the remaining chocolate over the foam and serve.

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