The roots of Dream go back to 1971, when Robert Nissenbaum, one of the original founders, opened an organic food market in St. Louis. He was a pioneer for organic and natural food in the United States.


Our Dream products are plant based and full of the best ingredients. That’s what we do for a Healthy Way of Life! They taste deliciously and fuel your body with the energy it needs – the perfect plant-based alternative. Taste our drinks pure, refreshingly chilled straight from the glass, but also on your favourite breakfast cereals, in tea and coffee or in your favorite dishes!


For us, research and development relating to rice, oat, almond, cashew, coconut and other plant-based raw materials is a key priority. This allows us to understand their characteristics and their uses to create delicious plant-based products just for you.

Rice for example, is the best tolerated ingredient by people with allergies or people with food intolerances and oat is a good all-rounder nutritionally with a great taste.