Our story began in the early 1970s with a man called Robert Nissenbaum. He was a champion of natural foods, organic agriculture and yoga,  so he started up the “Morning Dew Organic Food Market” in St. Louis, Missouri, while still in his 20s – a truly mould-breaking achievement. The market was among the first and most modern natural-food stores in America, and became a meeting place for people with sustainable lifestyles.


With the success of the Morning Dew Organic Food Market under his belt, Nissenbaum helped found the natural food restaurant Sunshine Inn, another breakthrough in the early health foods market. Aside from enjoying numerous vegetarian dishes, diners at the Sunshine Inn had the opportunity to sample Nissenbaum’s plantbased creations.


In his spare time, he experimented with ideas for prepared natural foods. After tinkering with some formulations, he came up with a new product: a milk substitute made from brown rice. This is when the Story of a whole new category began: non-dairy drinks – with Robert Nissenbaum as founder.


Nissenbaum expanded and named his company “Imagine Foods”. It’s all in the name. With every new power of the imagination, he would come up with new rice-based creations.
His products soon enjoyed great popularity. However, they could be sold only locally as they would deteriorate rapidly, in view of which Robert Nissenbaum hit on the idea of freezing them. The first long-life product, “Rice Dream Frozen Dessert”, had arrived.
Soon afterwards, however, he found a method of overcoming this obstacle, enabling him to offer his plant-based drinks throughout America.

1994 to the present day

Despite new market competition, Robert Nissenbaum and Imagine Foods chalked up great success. Dream Rice Drinks became the best-selling products in the natural-foods trade – a success story that would continue to the present day.
Robert Nissenbaum’s delicious Dream creations have been available in Europe since 2002. You too can now enjoy the fruits of Robert Nissenbaum’s years of experience and expertise. It’s a dream come true!